À la découverte de...

The french fashion house Chloé propose 5 capsules movie in order to presents differents aspects of the brand.

The first movie illustrate the story of Chloé through Gaby Aghion, the founder. Each art director is represented with a dynamic motion design.

The Second movie explain a job at Chloé and what is working at Chloé, the aim is to highlight the quality of life at Chloé.

The Third movie evoques the important values of Chloé, such as grace, sisterhood and grace.

The Fourth one enhance the business of the company through illustrations and graphic lines.

Let's discover Chloé and stay tuned for more.

Agency - ONIRIM

Creative Direction- Julie Etienne des Rosaies

Art direction - Layla Gras & Chloé Marchand

Direction - Alexandre Tissot