The french fashion house Chloé propose 3

capsules movie in order to presents differents nomad women.

Episode 1: meet the entrepreneur Marine Tanguy Introducing Marine Tanguy, an entrepreneur who features in Nomad Stories, a series that showcases encountering the world. When she isn’t traveling to meet artists, Marine can be found in London overseeing MTArt Agency, which she founded in 2015. Marine develops the careers of emerging, international artists by exposing their talents as a wider cultural exchange.

Episode 2: meet artist Marion Verboom Introducing Marion Verboom, an artist who features in Nomad Stories, a series that showcases  encountering the world. From her Paris studio, she creates monolithic, colour-blocked forms that suggest analogies between cultures and eras – some real, others imagined. In Istanbul, she meets her gallerist and finds inspiration around every corner.

Episode 3: meet the adventurer Linda Bortoletto Introducing Linda Bortoletto, an adventuress who features in Nomad Stories, a series that showcases hashtag#chloeGIRLS encountering the world. After serving as an officer in the army, a captain of the gendarmerie and a senior official at the Ministry of Finance, Linda decided to embark on the trip of a lifetime, traveling through Siberia, the Himalayas and the Negev desert. Along the way, she shared moments with local peoples while discovering more about herself

Let's discover Chloé and stay tuned for more.

Agency - ONIRIM

Creative Direction- Julie Etienne des Rosaies

Art direction - Layla Gras

Direction - Nur Casadevall

Creative Production - Valentine Suc