Art direction - Layla Gras & Alexis Foucault

As part of its key cities development strategy

(LA, NY, London, Tokyo, Shangaï, Paris), Adidas is partnering with a famous local football club/association/institution in each key city, to create a unique and unexpected jersey for the 20/21 season.
With this initiative, Adidas want to celebreate diversity and cultures through football.

Each local football institution must be a football icon, with an inspirational identity & purpose, a strong community and convey values which can have a global resonance.


Red Star FC who has been chosen by Adidas to represent Paris invite its community to develop the jersey kit.

Uni is a multidisciplinary studio created by Layla Gras and Alexis Foucault, using artificial inteligence to propose creative solutions

We decided to use major code of Redstar and IA in order to created an innovant jersey which reflect the values of Redstar